Welcome to AYIN - The Decentralised Exchange on Alephium

Welcome to AYIN, the newest Decentralised Exchange on the Alephium network. Our journey with Alephium began in 2021 when our team first discovered this promising blockchain. The vision of creating an on-chain liquidity and trading platform ignited the inception of AYIN. In 2023, we embarked on our mission to bring trustless, peer-to-peer exchange of tokens to Alephians.

The AYIN Mission

At AYIN, we strive to be the leading exchange on Alephium, providing a seamless and secure Uniswap-style DEX for token trading. At launch, there were no stablecoins or other tokens on the platform, so we launched with our own native token, $AYIN. We reserved the same size emission as $ALPH-$AYIN received for the integration with the $ALPH-$USDT pool on our DEX. As of the 11/11/2023 The $ALPH-$ETH Bridge went live and we launched the associated Pool fulfilling our First Goal, to bring liquidity to the Alephium blockchain. Our ultimate goal is to incentivize not only our token holders but also to foster liquidity on Alephium, reducing the reliance on centralized exchanges (CEXs) for trading.

Expanding Token Listings

Beyond $AYIN, the AYIN DEX will also feature other project tokens. We are dedicated to involving the community in the decision-making process and will implement a voting mechanism to determine which tokens get a share of the emissions. To learn more about our tokenomics and the emission distribution process, please refer to the Tokenomics section.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. Together, let's build a vibrant and flourishing DeFi ecosystem on Alephium with AYIN as the driving force.

(Note: For more details on tokenomics and the emission model, please navigate to the Tokenomics section of this GitBook.)

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