Rubber: AYIN Game

Welcome to Rubber, a unique and engaging game where messages are not just words but are inscribed on the blockchain. Here's your guide to Rubber™️.

How It Works

  1. Message Board Entry:

    • Cost: 1 AYIN token.

    • Your message is etched on the blockchain and displayed on the game's website.

  2. Challenge and Erase:

    • Others can pay 1.25 AYIN to challenge and replace your message.

    • If successful, the new message takes its place, and you, as the previous rubber holder, receive 90% (1.125 AYIN) of the challenger's fee.

  3. Protocol Fees:

    • 10% of the challenger's fee is burned. This make $AYIN deflationary.

  4. Price Escalation:

    • With each challenge, the stakes rise, so every move counts. In the example above, the second rubber holder pays 1.25 AYIN, and the third would pay 1.25x1.25 = 1.5625 AYIN and so on. The only person who ever loses money is the last person standing before the reset at 24 hours.

  5. Reset Timer:

    • The timer resets to 24 hours every time someone rubs. This creates the Sudden Death atmosphere, where if the timer runs out, the price resets, and the current rubber holder will not come out on top.

Strategies and Dynamics

  • Sudden Death: When the board resets to 1 AYIN, the last rubber holder faces a unique challenge, receiving only 90% of the base fee despite paying more than this. This is the only person who loses tokens in the game; the rest will always receive extra.

  • Last Person Standing: The person who successfully maintains their message until a reset emerges as the last person standing, showcasing their strong will and ability to stand tall as the winner of this round of Rubber, could also be looked at as being the loser considering; they win as the last person standing, but everyone else comes out above in tokens.

The Thrill of Rubber

Rubber is a strategic game where every move has consequences. Dive in, compete, and experience PVP on Alephium. Will you be the last message standing when the stakes are highest?

The name of the game is Rubber, embracing Sudden Death and Last Person Standing game theory for an added layer of excitement. Enjoy the game responsibly!

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