xAYIN Single pool

Staking Rewards (Single Stake)

When Liquidity Providers receive AYIN rewards, they can take them to the XAYIN staking pool. By staking the tokens, they receive:

  • 0.15% Trading Fees from the DEX: This is achieved through periodic buybacks of AYIN that are sent to the reward contract.

  • Extra AYIN from Initial Mint: Ayin Providers can receive an additional 100,000 AYIN tokens over the first year. It reduces yearly after that.

  • Possible Eligibility for ALPH Distribution: Depending on grants, sales, and other factors, stakeholders might become eligible for ALPH token distributions.

Trading Fees

  • 0.15% of Trading Volume: The DEX charges a total trading fee of 0.3%. Out of this, 0.15% is allocated to Liquidity Providers, and the remaining 0.15% goes to the AYIN single stake pool. This distribution can be executed manually every week.

  • Burn and Mint: Mint Xayin with AYIN. Burn Xayin to receive all accumulated AYINs while you were in the pool.

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