The roadmap for AYIN includes the following objectives:

  • Listing New Pairs: The team aims to list new pairs to expand the trading options available on the DEX.

  • Onboarding New Developers: The team is also focused on bringing in new developers to contribute to the project's growth and enhancement.

In the future, the team will explore the following developments:

  • NFT Marketplace: After one year, the team plans to explore the creation of an NFT marketplace, transforming the DEX into a real yield environment with AYIN as a native currency alongside ALPH.

  • Game Development Environments with Ralph: The team is actively exploring game development environments with Ralph.

  • Potential Partnerships: Exploring partnerships in the ecosystem as they arise. Please note that Alephium is currently a blank chain, that is there is no dapps. So our possibilities are endless, but we would like to build a proper functioning DEX before writing a huge roadmap of promises. A dex in and of itself is already enough in our opinion, providing we continue listing new pairs and building out new functions within it.

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