Total AYIN Token Supply

Total AYIN token supply

4,000,000 tokens (max supply)

Initial Liquidity Pools Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



AYIN/ALPH 300,000 tokens will be allocated to reward the ALPH-AYIN liquidity pool.

Rewards from this pool will be emitted linearly over Year 1. USDT/ALPH 300,000 tokens allocated to ALPH/USDT liquidity pool over 18 months ALF /ALPH 5,000 tokens initially allocated to reward the ALPH-AYIN liquidity pool over the first 3 months Additional 1000 tokens allocated over the final 6 months which equals a total 6000 ayins over 9 months. NGU/ALPH 1,000 tokens allocated to ALPH/NGU liquidity pool. XAYIN 100,000 tokens over a year to the XAYIN stakers.


150,000 tokens for ALPH-AYIN pool

150,000 tokens for ALPH-STABLES pool.

50,000 tokens for Xayin.


100,000 tokens for Ayin-ALPH pool.

100,000 tokens for ALPH STABLES pool.

35,000 tokens for XAYIN.


Same as Year 3


Same as Year 4

Total Circulating Supply at End of Year 5

Total circulating supplyAssumption

2,010,000 tokens

  1. Assuming 0 extra pools launch on Alephium, no more team compensation, and no changes in weighting are made. This is highly unlikely unless nobody else builds on Alephium. After Year 5, the emissions will be reviewed and allocated to AYIN-ALPH and Alph-Stables as the first priority based on the remaining available supply. The assumption here is AYIN Protocol will be nearing max supply in Year 5, with residual allocations kept for those two important pools throughout many years to come. The weightings are subject to change at any point, as it is difficult to understand the exact amounts needed in an ecosystem with no protocols on it right now.

  2. The 2,010,000 includes team and other tokens below, but does not include any other allocations to pools launched on Alephium. This is why we assume by year 5 we will be nearing total supply minus small emissions for the two most important pools being AYIN and STABLES pool.

Team Token Allocations

Team Token AllocationsVesting Period

Team treasury: 5.6% of tokens (225,000 tokens)

Over 18 months linearly

Marketing treasury: 0.075 % of tokens for marketing or onboarding new developers ONLY-not to be used for anything else (30,000 tokens)

Over 6 months recurring

Regarding the Team treasury, Once 18 months are complete, community consultation will be sought, and a review of costs will determine whether to keep, reduce, or increase team compensation.

Ayin presale Presale price: 2 alph

These tokenomics represent a balanced approach to incentivizing users to participate in the DEX while also rewarding the team for their efforts. The reserve of token supply will allow for flexibility in responding to new pools and opportunities, while the uncirculating/unissued supply will ensure the long-term sustainability of the project.

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